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A Bitter Pill to Swallow

The price of prescription drugs continues to increase. So, what’s the cure?

In 2015, the amount paid for prescription drugs in the United States increased by $2 billion, according to Consumer Reports. Paying for prescription drugs can be painful, and the people who rely on these medications often have limited options for reducing this expense.

Here are some things you can do.

Go generic. If you haven’t already, ask your doctor if there’s a generic version of the prescription medication you’re taking. Name brands can be immensely more expensive than generic, yet they have the same active ingredients, strength and dosage form.

Ask about multi-purpose pills. If you’re taking multiple medications for a variety of conditions, ask your doctor if it’s possible to treat two or more conditions with a single medication rather than multiple drugs.

Look for a good fit. Sometimes changing insurance plans is the best way for you to see a drop in prescription prices. Most insurance companies offer different levels of coverage. While you may have to contribute more toward monthly premiums, you could potentially save money if you regularly take prescription medications.

Supplement your coverage. Discount programs with savings on prescription drugs can lower the cost of your medicines by 10% to 85%. And typically there are other benefits included like roadside assistance, identity protection, discounts on pet care and more. Many discount benefit programs also offer drug look-up tools, meaning you'll know how much you can save before you enroll.

Ask around. Ask your primary care provider or local pharmacist if they have any advice on how to reduce your prescription drug costs.

Finally, be careful if you search the Internet for good deals on prescription medications. Some websites offer unbelievable prices that are typically too good to be true. It is illegal to sell medications imported from other countries, and buyers need to be aware that the lower-cost products they receive may turn out to be ineffective counterfeits.

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