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How Much Does It Cost to Not Have Health Insurance?

Since the mandates of the new health insurance law took effect in 2013, many Americans without coverage have faced a choice: purchase a plan or pay a fee. As the deadline to purchase 2016 health coverage approaches, learn more about the financial penalties for opting out of insurance.

Change in Life = Change in Insurance?

Most of us have experienced some kind of major change in our employment. These kinds of big changes are sometimes expected, sometimes they’re not. It’s important to understand that a job change may mean you’re eligible to make changes to your health coverage, even outside of open enrollment.

5 Steps to Healthy Eating on a Budget

Eating well doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. 

Decoding Health Insurance—Take the Quiz!

Do you know the ins and outs of your health insurance policy?

It's Not Too Late

Think you’re out of luck when it comes to enrolling in 2016 health coverage? You still have options.

When it’s Time to Hand Over the Keys

Yesterday, your dad was in an auto accident. As he changed lanes, he failed to spot a car next to him and didn’t hear the warning honk of the other driver’s horn. No one was hurt, but you’re concerned. Is it time for him to step out of the driver’s seat?

Time to Toss?

“Honey, does this milk smell funny to you?” may be a question heard in many households, but as a general guide to whether food is fresh, edible or even potentially unsafe, the sniff test leaves a lot to be desired. 

5 Steps to Skin Protection

Protect your skin from harmful bugs, plants and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Mortgage Insurance 101

Are you a homeowner or looking to become one? Whether you’re new to having a mortgage and everything that goes along with it, or you simply need to refresh your knowledge, we’ve got the guide for you.

Getting a Clear Picture of Dental and Vision Insurance

Before you invest in vision and dental coverage, know how to make the most of your options.

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