Behavioral Health

What’s Driving You to Eat?

Retrain your brain to recognize the difference between true hunger pangs and emotional eating.

Sports Betting: A Brain Game

Betting on football games or horses may be a harmless pastime for some, but for others, sports gambling can signal the presence of a behavioral health disorder.

What Is Willpower?

Understanding how willpower works can help you strengthen yours.

Take Aim at Healthy Habits

Making a change is easier when your plan is on target. Here’s how to refine your approach so you can adopt healthy habits that stick.

3 Ways to Maintain Sobriety During the Holidays

The holidays can be difficult if you are dealing with alcoholism, but you can enjoy them with a little planning.

Overcoming Grief: Beyond the Five Stages

Everyone grieves differently, and that’s OK. Dealing with grief in a healthy manner can help you grow during life’s most difficult moments.

The Psychology Behind Chronic Pain

Where does pain come from? Research finds a history of emotional stress can influence your risk for chronic pain.

Why Support Groups Work

Support groups can provide a strong network to lean on as you deal with challenges such as addiction, loss or a life-changing illness or injury.

Can ‘Clean Eating’ Become an Eating Disorder?

The pursuit of the “healthiest” diet can leave some people struggling to maintain balance.

Are You Mindful of Mindfulness?

“Live in the moment” may be more than a catchphrase. Research indicates that mindfulness can positively impact your health.

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