Coping With Your Cancer Diagnosis

Give yourself time and the tools to process this life-changing news.

Colorectal Cancer: Are You at Risk?

Don’t just take your chances: take steps to reduce your risk for this common cancer.

Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Learn what you can do to help lower your risk for certain types of cancer.

Passed Your 20s? You Can Still Fight HPV

A late-life risk for cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) has changed the recommendations for who should get the HPV vaccine.

Complementary Medicine’s Role in Cancer Care

Complementary therapies can be used alongside standard medical treatment for cancer, but it’s important to pick options that are safe.

The Darker Side of Smoking

Smoking causes lung cancer—and a host of other health problems. Now is the time to quit for good.

Cancer Survival on the Rise

Thanks to advancements in diagnoses and preventive measures, cancer survival rates are on an upswing.

Understanding Gynecologic Cancers

Learn how to prevent and recognize signs of gynecologic cancer.

How to Check Your Skin for Cancer

Learning how to spot the red flags of skin cancer could save your life.

Skin Care During Chemotherapy and Radiation

Learn how to protect your skin from the effects of your cancer treatment.

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