Children's Health

Help a Bed-Wetter Get Better

Limiting contributing factors can help reduce the incidence of bed-wetting during childhood. 

So Your Child Is Shy

Your child hates participating in show-and-tell and finds it difficult to make new friends. Should you be concerned?

Top Tips for Summer Safety

Help your kids have a carefree summer by reminding them to follow a few key safety tips.

High Blood Pressure: Not Just for Adults

High blood pressure affects thousands of children, but many parents don’t know it.

Beyond Picky Eating

A child’s refusal to eat Brussels sprouts or oatmeal is one thing, but if she rejects so many foods that her nutrition suffers, more than picky eating may be at work.

Hygiene Hijinks

Once children start school, they should begin assuming more responsibility for bathing themselves and brushing their teeth. Learn how you can help kids achieve hygiene independence.

Make Time for Play

Playtime allows your child to explore the depths of his own imagination—and is an ideal time to encourage physical activity.

Finish Winter Strong—and Safe

You may have one eye on spring, but be careful not to lose sight of safety during winter’s last gasp.

Sledding Safety? Snow Problem!

Winter is here, and with it comes new opportunities for bumps, scrapes and aches.

The Healing Power of a Loving Family

Strong family bonds may help improve lifelong health.

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