Heart and Vascular Health

The Facts About Salt

Nearly 90% of Americans consume too much sodium, which could lead to negative health effects.

Understanding Cholesterol

Learn more about how cholesterol, a waxy substance in your blood, impacts your health.

Heading Off Heart Disease

Recognizing early signs of heart disease can help you keep it from getting worse.

Preeclampsia: A Health Concern at the Heart of Pregnancy

Look for signs of this common and potentially dangerous condition that may occur during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Leg Pain and Your Veins

If you experience ongoing leg pain, vein disease could be the cause.

Your Hard-Working Heart

Learning how your heart works and how it gets damaged can help you take steps to protect it.

What’s Inflammation Got to Do With Your Heart?

Inflammation is your body’s short-term response to infection or injury. When it continues indefinitely, it can have serious consequences for your heart.

Protect Your Heart With a Flu Vaccine

If you have heart disease or have had a stroke, getting a flu vaccine should be at the top of your to-do list during flu season.

Your Guide to Heart Disease Terms

Use this quick explainer to understand and distinguish between common heart conditions.

4 Unusual Symptoms of Vascular Disease

Keeping your veins and arteries healthy can prevent serious conditions. Know these not-so-obvious signs that your vascular system is in distress.

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