Men's Health

The Honey Don’t List

Home improvement shows and blogs inspire a do-it-yourself spirit, but sometimes outsourcing a task is the better option.

Why Do Kidney Stones Affect Men?

Men still take the lead in admissions for kidney stones, but rising obesity rates and changes in diet may explain why women are catching up.

How Marriage Improves Men’s Health

Find out why men enjoy healthier lives after they walk down the aisle.

Addressing Incontinence

Unpredictable urination can be a frustrating problem, but you can take back control.

Give Yourself the Gift of Health

Stress may be a way of life for many adults, but more than a third of men feel stress increases during the holidays. This year, celebrate the season with strategies to reduce stress and improve overall health.

Stretch Your Mind: Do Yoga

More men are embracing this ancient Eastern exercise, which offers physical and mental benefits alike.

How Much Do You Know About Men’s Health?

Knowing the risk factors men face for certain diseases and which screenings men need can help you or a loved one live a longer, healthier life.

Strength in Sleep

Men, if you equate prioritizing sleep with weakness or laziness, you have it all wrong. Ensuring you are well-rested allows you to give your best effort in your career and relationships—and helps you stay healthy.

Win the Fight Against Weekend-Warrior Injuries

If you spend Saturday and Sunday trying to make up for the exercise or household chores you missed out on during the workweek, you may put yourself at risk for a variety of injuries.

What Men Need to Know About Hepatitis C

Men are more likely to contract hepatitis C, a liver disease, than women. Learn more about your risk and what can you do to limit your exposure.

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