4 Reasons to Wear Compression Stockings

Stockings aren’t just a fashion choice. For some people, putting pressure on the legs is a good thing. That’s where compression stockings come in.

Know the Difference: Strain, Sprain or Torn ACL?

Test your knowledge about the differences between these three commonly confused injuries.

3 Causes of Knee Pain, Explained

The knees are your body’s strongest joints, but the strain they endure with every bend and blow makes them prone to pain.

6 Possible Reasons for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder’s greatest blessing—its unmatched mobility—can also be a curse.

5 Facts to Know About Osteoarthritis

When friends, family or medical providers talk about wear and tear of the joints, they’re probably referring to osteoarthritis.

Back Pain? Keep Moving

Moving while you have a sore back may feel counterintuitive, but research suggests it may be a good way for you to recover.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Joint Replacement?

Typically, age isn’t a key factor when deciding when to have joint replacement surgery. What’s more important is how joint pain affects your life.

5 Milk Alternatives for Bone Health

Whether you are lactose intolerant or just trying to limit your dairy intake, consider trying one of these nutritious milk substitutes.

Opioids and Joint Pain Management

Test your knowledge about opioids and joint pain.

5 Facts About Fallen Arches

If the part of your foot between the ball and the heel meets the ground when you stand, you may have a fallen arch. That can affect your everyday routine and ability to enjoy the activities you love.

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