Senior Health

Be Your Own Patient Advocate

Ask questions and engage with your providers to personalize and improve the quality of your health care.

Your Age-in-Place Checklist

Use this guide to make the most of home improvements so you or a loved one is safe and prepared to live independently at home.

The Benefits of Nordic Walking

Want to get more health benefits from walking? Try trekking Nordic-style.

Healthy Habits to Live Longer

Five countries are home to people with the highest life expectancy. Learn what these residents all have in common.

How Can I Prevent Dementia?

Research shows that the choices you make today can impact the future health of your brain.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Screening for colorectal cancer helps detect the disease early, when its easiest to treat, yet about 25% of people between the recommended ages of 50 to 75 have never been screened.

Tips to Take Care of Mom and Dad

As parents grow older, adult children may find that family roles reverse, and the children become the caregivers. Help your aging parents maintain independence by providing helpful support as their abilities change.

Improve Your Balance, Improve Your Health

For older adults, a variety of factors can converge to make falls more likely. That doesn’t mean falling is normal—or harmless.

As Leaves Change, So Should Your Workout

Cooler weather and falling leaves come with opportunities to get active.

Screenings Seniors Shouldn’t Skip

Screenings can help detect conditions early, when they’re easier to treat. Stay on schedule based on current recommendations.

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