Toddler's Health

Breaking the Antibiotic Habit

Antibiotics are not a cure-all for childhood illness. Know when they help and when they harm.

Encouraging Empathy

Help your toddler learn empathy so she can build and develop a strong emotional foundation.

Picking Out Toddler Toys

The quantity and variety of toys available to children can be overwhelming for parents. What’s the right choice?

Developing More Than a Taste for Music

Toddlers can reap multiple benefits from early exposure to music.

A Parental Guide for Healthy Toddler Teeth

Healthy baby teeth set the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Find out how and when to brush your toddler’s teeth and visit the dentist.

Nutrition Tips for Your Toddler

During these transformative years, make sure your toddler is trying new tastes and textures while also taking in plenty of key nutrients.

Exercise and Your Toddler

Toddlers, just like adults, need to engage in physical activity every day to stay as healthy as possible.

A Toddler in Motion Stays in Motion

Toddlers seem to always be on the move, but adding structured physical activity to their day can help improve their health as they get older.

Small Plates

Is your toddler getting the nutrients he or she needs?

Building a Bookworm

Story time with your toddler is more than just part of your bedtime routine.

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