Weight Management

The Weight of Obesity

Obesity isn’t just the result of overeating—it is a complicated and multifaceted chronic disease.

The Facts on Fasting

Does eating meals at certain times of day really make you healthier?

Around-the-Clock Weight Loss

Make weight loss part of your daily routine. It’s easier than you think.

Tighten Your Belt: Losing Weight for a Bargain

Having a tight budget shouldn’t hinder your weight-loss goals. Learn how to lose weight and save money.

Fighting Winter Weight Gain

Does your post-holiday belly shake when you laugh like a bowl full of jelly? Tweak your holiday routine to avoid packing on extra pounds.

Beyond the Belly Fat Blues

Carrying extra body fat around your waistline does more than make clothes shopping difficult—it can negatively impact your health.

Fighting Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance can cause weight gain and increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Take steps to get your metabolism working as it should.

The Obesity Epidemic: A Crisis You Can Avoid

Staying calm and taking small, incremental steps can help you lose weight and overcome obesity.

Be Your Own Fitness Tracker

That device you wear on your wrist may not be the best motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

Under Pressure: Lose Weight for Joyful Joints

Even modest weight loss can ease joint pain and help prevent arthritis. Learn how small changes can improve your overall joint health.

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